For Teams

High-functioning executive teams lead high-performing organizations. Business success centers, unequivocally, on the executive team’s ability to come together and lead a unified enterprise. Executive teams often benefit from having an outside, impartial advisor to facilitate their development process, enabling them to deliver results more quickly, efficiently and collaboratively.

While each executive team is unique, Tom helps to identify improvement opportunities, leverage strengths, understand roadblocks to success and develop clear plans to address issues. The many areas in which executive teams seek to improve their collective functioning include:

  • Achieving greater alignment on vision, strategy and business objectives
  • Leveraging team strengths and identifying opportunities on which to capitalize
  • Resolving relational issues, interpersonal challenges and competing agendas
  • Enabling collaborative and inclusive decision-making processes
  • Improving team meeting effectiveness to ensure productive interaction and dialogue

Depending upon the unique needs of the executive team, there are several different assessment approaches that can be employed:

  • Interviews with team members to assess the group’s strengths and opportunities
  • Interviews and surveys that extend beyond the executive team to gain insights from those they lead and the organization as a whole regarding the executive team’s effectiveness
  • Individual qualitative 360 assessments to gain a deeper understanding of how each team member is perceived and contributes to team successes and challenges
  • A multi-data collection process combining the above, providing a more comprehensive performance picture for the executive team

Team assessments can be complemented with an off-site meeting where collective insights are shared and action plans are developed, as well as ongoing team coaching with specific milestones and success measurements. These follow-up components are instrumental in enabling the team to gain immediate traction, monitor progress and enhance overall performance as an executive unit.

Effective senior leaders recognize the value of periodic off-site meetings to achieve greater executive alignment, re-energize the team and refocus efforts on key business priorities. An impartial, outside facilitator can be critical to the success of these sessions to ensure goals are achieved, productive dialogue occurs and clear action plans are developed.

Tom and his team of experts design and lead sessions that address the most critical issues at hand and work together with executive teams to improve business outcomes, dynamics and relationships. In addition to being well-versed in real business and relational issues that executive teams face, Tom and his highly experienced facilitators help to lead profitable and productive executive off-sites. They introduce new concepts and tactics to employ, guide the team through meaningful exercises, encourage open dialogue, challenge assumptions and ensure differing points of view are shared and considered.

Much of the success of an executive off-site meeting is dependent upon the implementation of collective plans and commitments created during the session. Where appropriate, a follow-up component to the executive off-site can be developed to ensure team progress and objectives are achieved.