For Private Equity Firms

With a full appreciation for the business, deep industry knowledge and expertise in coaching top executives through periods of rapid growth and change, Tom maximizes the value of financial investments through sustaining the strong performance of portfolio companies’ management teams and developing the PE firm’s next-generation leadership readiness strategies.

In the high-stakes private equity space, portfolio company executives are faced with ever increasing demands. There is a premium on rapid results and significant moves are often required to achieve aggressive financial targets. Tom partners with C-level portfolio executives to sharpen leadership capabilities to keep pace with evolving business needs and adjust their strategies to new circumstances.

One-on-one and executive team coaching services are provided to equip portfolio company leaders with insights to improve their individual and collective abilities to maximize performance and deliver business objectives. With outside expert guidance, leaders are able to effectively navigate the unique complexities of their roles while avoiding missteps, ensuring private equity investments succeed and results are achieved expeditiously.

As founding members and firm partners look to sustain the legacy of their organizations and ensure long-term financial gains, the need to institutionalize the operation that they have systematically and tirelessly worked to build becomes a business imperative. Central to this effort is ensuring that there is a strong leadership bench in place and well-prepared executives to assume leadership control in the event of planned or unexpected departures. Tom works with firm partners to build an effective succession strategy that helps to ensure investments continue to deliver returns far beyond their exits, while the firm remains an attractive investment target with long-term organizational stability plans in place.

Once successors have been identified, Tom serves as an executive coach to guide their leadership development efforts and accelerate their readiness to take on expanded, higher-profile roles in the future. Qualitative 360 assessments combined with ongoing coaching provide executives with valuable insights into their performance in order to be fully prepared for future senior management roles. Tom also acts as an independent set of eyes to ensure key processes are repeatable and sustainable as leaders transition up and out of the organization.