For Organizations

As organizations continue to adapt and grow in today’s ever-changing, competitive marketplace, the need to examine internal strengths, weaknesses and organizational dynamics becomes increasingly critical. At different points in a company’s evolution, executives can benefit from taking an introspective look at the critical factors that are contributing to strong performance, detracting from effective functioning and impeding business progress.

Assessments can be conducted at the enterprise, group and/or departmental level to evaluate the overall business climate. They provide tangible feedback on various aspects of leadership, culture, structure, work environment, systems, processes, internal/external conditions and perceptions that may be impacting performance. Additionally, they can be used to create clarity around upcoming changes, engage key employees to feel empowered and motivated, and even improve overall morale and even retention.

Insights collected equip senior leaders with invaluable data that helps to inform decision making, prioritize efforts and guide future planning. Additionally, these findings enable meaningful organizational change that can significantly improve performance and overall company health.

At times, executives also encounter situations where competing agendas, differing work approaches and unique power dynamics are inhibiting the effective functioning and profitable operation across specific business units. In these situations, organizational assessments are beneficial to help pinpoint the most pressing challenges, get to the root of the issues and determine appropriate action plans. Early intervention from an outside resource is critical to ensure issues are surfaced openly and honestly and actionable strategies are developed and implemented quickly.