For Individuals

6 – 18 Month Coaching Engagements

As executives reach the height of their careers, their need to be decisive, act quickly and outperform becomes increasingly critical. In order to deliver business objectives and lead organizations to success, leadership competencies need to be as strong as possible.

Many senior executives possess the functional expertise required to lead the business, but often require input and guidance to develop a more nuanced appreciation for leadership and all the factors that contribute to optimal performance. An outside advisor and sounding board is instrumental in this process, offering a confidential forum where real challenges can be discussed candidly without judgment, and real solutions can be developed quickly and effectively.

While each executive’s situation is unique, the challenges top leaders face are remarkably similar: 

  • Balancing the management of day-to-day pressures with strategic business issues
  • Managing conflict and navigating the competing demands of multiple constituencies
  • Developing a high-performing leadership team and deep bench strength
  • Managing board-level relationships and influencing business direction
  • Heightening executive presence and organizational visibility
  • Deepening relationships with team and cross-functional business partners

As an executive coach Tom works one-on-one with his clients to hone their suite of executive competencies and navigate the rigorous demands of their roles, enabling them to heighten their level of influence.

The ongoing coaching process includes a qualitative 360 assessment where data is collected from key stakeholders to provide executives with a full picture of performance perceptions along with actionable improvement recommendations. Tom is a firm believer in providing immediate feedback and specific views from the top. Throughout the data collection process, he shares insights quickly so that his clients can begin to take immediate action, build momentum and seize new opportunities.

9 – 18 Month Coaching Engagements

Preparing the next generation of C-level leaders for expanded scope of responsibility and visibility is critical for effective succession planning and business continuity. In today’s intensely competitive business environment, discerning boards and CEOs are making a concerted, proactive investment in successor development to ensure candidates are fully equipped to take on pivotal, next-level assignments.

Paramount to this strategic priority is a well-choreographed, targeted plan to facilitate a seamless transition from one leader to the next. Executive coaching is a critical component of this process, as the capabilities that enabled success at one level are often not the same as those that will guarantee success at the next level.

Serving as an executive coach to C-level successors, Tom provides confidential support and advisory services to prepare executives for critical appointments prior to the exits of incumbents, and works with them to strengthen their capabilities and navigate the planned transition phase.

Qualitative 360 assessments are paired with ongoing coaching to provide executives with clear lines of sight into existing perceptions of performance and targeted areas for development to set them up for greater success. Throughout the coaching partnership, key strategic, operational, relational and organizational factors related to their future roles are explored so that executives develop clear roadmaps for successful transitions.

9 – 12 Month Coaching Engagements

Whether hired externally or promoted internally, a successful transition is largely dependent upon the executive’s ability to identify and develop critical partnerships, win the confidence of others, secure early support and determine key areas to focus their short and long term efforts. Engaging with a coach at the onset of a new executive appointment helps to ensure a smooth transition and sets executives up for greater success.

Through an in-depth organizational assessment and continuous coaching, Tom helps executives quickly pinpoint the areas where they can have the greatest impact and develop a clear roadmap for success during their defining first year.

Insights are collected from key constituencies on existing perceptions related to the historical and current state of the organization; key business priorities, issues and opportunities; leadership success measurements and first impressions; and team capabilities, dynamics, concerns, needs and expectations. This invaluable information enables executives to make informed decisions from the start, realize immediate wins and begin to make significant, lasting leadership marks on their organizations.

An additional assessment component designed to uncover leadership perceptions and provide future-focused feedback is included for those executives transitioning from peer to leader within the same organization. Throughout the coaching partnership, Tom works with these new leaders to navigate the added layer of complexity and build the cadre of executive competencies required for success in their elevated role.