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As a leadership development firm, The Sequitur Group helps senior executives, their teams and their organizations reach the top of their game. With a focus on immediately actionable insights, we provide expert, confidential guidance to achieve positive transformation and sustainable business growth.

Make the shift from reactive to proactive

Just as top athletes hire coaches to perfect their games, top leaders retain executive coaches to help fine-tune their abilities to lead. Often, minor behavioral changes can yield significant results.

While executives are generally confident in what they know, and recognize their limitations, they are often challenged in identifying leadership blind spots along with all of the organizational forces that drive success.

Furthermore, senior leaders operate at such a rapid pace they often cannot step back independently to examine their leadership strengths and weaknesses. However, those who recognize the importance of continuous self-improvement will be well positioned to get ahead of potential issues and achieve greater success.

Making this shift from reactive to proactive mode and engaging an objective, confidential executive coach to aid in this process enables executives to realize business results more quickly and effectively.

Thomas Matteo is a strong proponent of proactive coaching with 30 years of management, consulting and executive coaching experience. He works with top executives, their teams and their organizations to build greater leadership capabilities. Tom helps business leaders zero in on critical development priorities, ensuring energy is expended on areas that deliver the greatest returns.

Offering invaluable insights and a blended approach that includes qualitative assessments, ongoing coaching and real-time observation and feedback, Tom and his team enable leaders to unlock their full potential, capitalize on opportunities and produce superior business results.

Quote #1

“All leadership is influence.”

— John C. Maxwell


Tom Matteo, Executive Coach and President of The Sequitur Group

Founder of The Sequitur Group, a leadership development firm located in New York City, Tom Matteo is an authority in the field of executive leadership and its impact on organizational transformation. Tom’s 30 years’ combined experience as an executive, management consultant and executive coach enables him to approach leadership challenges and opportunities from a pure business perspective and focus on the practical concepts and applications of leadership.

A Winning Strategy

Tom’s coaching style is direct and challenging, yet supportive and encouraging. He is fully attuned to the complexities of leading organizations and the challenges executives face in balancing day-to-day pressures with strategic business issues. Tom’s insights are specific, immediately actionable and organizationally aligned, as he works collaboratively with executives to quickly assess where they rank along the leadership continuum and address the most pressing issues at hand.

In addition to working with senior leaders to improve their overall leadership effectiveness, Tom has partnered with US and global executives to hone their preparedness in tackling unique challenges across a variety of business contexts, including:

  • Rapid business growth, new business channels and turnaround operations
  • Company ownership, board and senior executive changes
  • Business and organizational restructuring
  • U.S. and European based conglomerates
Over 30 Years of Experience

Earlier in his career as an executive and then as a management consultant for Price Waterhouse, LLP, Tom spearheaded major organizational change initiatives and developed strategies and managed implementations for: expanded operations; business and process reengineering efforts; new technology platforms; large-scale IT programs; and Program Management Offices across a broad spectrum of industries. These significant and direct business experiences, coupled with his executive coaching expertise, enable Tom to fully understand the unique dynamics that facilitate and impede progress, along with the necessary ingredients to lead and realize true transformation.

An MIT Graduate

Tom earned his Master of Science in Management from MIT’s Sloan School of Management where he studied organizational development. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

The Sequitur Group’s Team

Unlike many other leadership and organizational development firms where each player is a “jack of all trades,” the Sequitur Group believes in a narrow, deep specialization. Depending upon the expertise required and scope of the engagement, Tom leverages his team to determine and deliver the best solutions for his clients. The team consists of leadership and organizational development specialists who bring concentrated expertise and advanced degrees within their respective functions and a complementary set of skills to The Sequitur Group’s practice.

Quote #2

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

— Peter Drucker


Offering a variety of services at the individual, team and organizational level, Tom Matteo serves as a key advisor to top leaders in their quest to lead high-performing organizations, achieve sustained leadership success and deliver business objectives. To learn more about the services and expertise available, please click on the links below. While each service area offers general guidelines on the typical approach, customized solutions are developed to meet the unique needs of each executive.

For Individuals

C-level and Senior Executive Coaching

C-level Succession Coaching

New Leader Assimilation

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For Teams

Senior Executive Team Assessment and Development

Off-site Meeting Facilitation

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For Organizations

Organizational Assessments

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For Private Equity Firms

Portfolio Company Executive Coaching

Institutionalizing the Business

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Quote #3

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing.”

— Albert Schweitzer

Case Studies

Based on the board of director’s introduction, a newly promoted CEO of a US subsidiary of a large European manufacturing and distribution company engaged Tom Matteo as a coach. Among the CEO’s key priorities were to assess the structure and talent within the organization to determine alignment with future business objectives, while furthering his ability to guide and influence the board of directors.

Through a series of intensive coaching sessions, coupled with feedback received from colleagues, it became evident that the CEO’s most urgent priority was to make some difficult decisions related to the executive team and gain the board’s buy-in to make the requisite changes. Within a short time of working with Tom, the CEO developed the needed leadership nuances to make the case for organizational restructuring to the board, including the bold step of replacing two executives appointed by key European investors.

With the right people in the right roles on his executive team and the board’s full support of the strategy, the CEO achieved tremendous results based on the changes he spearheaded. His subsidiary grew 23%, outpacing market growth by 20%, overtime decreased from 27% to 4% without headcount changes, the break-even level was lowered by 50%, and productivity increased by 25% in just one quarter.

“My coaching with Tom was a quantum success. If I had not been able to sell my decisions to the board, our extraordinary business results would not have been possible. Tom helped me identify the top things I needed to work on right away, got straight to the biggest issues and showed me how critical it is to have the right people on my team. The Chairman of the Board recently complimented me on how much I’ve progressed and people now view me differently. My coaching partnership with Tom made all the difference.”

The CEO of a major financial institution leading global operations for a 17,500-member organization retained Tom Matteo to provide executive coaching for his potential successor. While highly regarded in his current role as the U.S. Head of Operations with an organization of 4,500, there was a desire to advance his leadership to be prepared for this next-level assignment with a significantly expanded scope of responsibility while gaining board-level endorsement.

Tom’s initial coaching sessions centered on the day-to-day operational management of the business and where and how the executive was focusing his time and efforts. It quickly became evident through their dialogue and insights gathered from colleagues that the executive needed to focus more energy on strategic business priorities, drive heightened levels of accountability among his direct report team, and develop his executive presence by improving decision-making processes. With a high level of emotional intelligence and drive to succeed, the executive responded well to Tom’s guidance and began to implement immediate changes.

Several months of leadership coaching with Tom produced notable results including a team reorganization and greater delegation of authority, allowing the executive to dedicate the necessary time to strategic initiatives. Making the tactical to strategic operating shift enabled the executive to spearhead a major functional realignment in the business with a projected three-year savings of $500M+. These and other key successes enabled him to win the support of board members as a viable CEO successor and instilled confidence in his manager to expand the scope of his current role to effectively position him for the future.

“During my coaching with Tom, it became clear that I needed to think about my role differently. I realized that more of my time needed to be devoted to strategic objectives and in order to find that time, it was necessary for me to reduce my number of direct reports. I also came to the conclusion that I needed to give members of my team more responsibility. This strategic-thinking shift benefited not only me, but my boss as well, since he now has more time to focus on bigger-picture initiatives. Tom’s coaching enabled me to have a positive impact on the entire organization.”

After being promoted to lead a business unit at a global financial institution with a four-fold increase in responsibilities, the new CIO was interested in receiving a candid assessment of his performance during the critical first year of his assignment. Believing his overall performance was viewed favorably, but concerned about any blind spots, he decided to retain Tom Matteo as a coach to ensure he was effectively set up for success.

Tom began the coaching process by working with the CIO to identify appropriate executives to interview to obtain feedback regarding the state of the organization, opportunities on which he could begin to capitalize and perceptions related to his overall leadership style. Within a few weeks, Tom began to present insights that allowed the executive to start working on areas that benefited from immediate focus, while Tom’s data collection process continued.

While some of the feedback was not surprising, Tom did uncover areas that needed to be addressed immediately. One of the most pressing issues that surfaced was his COO’s performance and narrow focus on the day-to-day business issues. The CIO quickly realized that his COO and entire executive team had been functioning at this tactical level and that a purposeful shift in thinking and operating needed to occur. Not only would this elevate the performance of his entire team, but would also free up his own time to focus on more strategic initiatives. Issues regarding the CIO’s interpersonal style witnessed in colleague interactions were also uncovered during the assessment process. Tom worked with the CIO to build the necessary leadership nuances to further his overall profile and engage constructively in debate when opposing views or opinions were presented by other top leaders.

“Initially a bit skeptical, I’m a true believer in coaching now. My work with Tom and the insight he gave me to become a more effective leader by identifying and focusing on new, strategic work streams has exceeded my expectations on every level. This was a mindset shift for me. Moving my teams’ focus to a more strategic perspective also has made all the difference. These strategic initiatives that we have now been able to work on will represent millions of dollars in savings for the company.”

Following the repositioning of a multinational bank’s America’s Treasurer, the #2 executive was appointed acting Treasurer. When the global treasurer agreed that he could get coaching, the acting Americas Treasurer chose Tom Matteo based on the work he had done with other senior leaders at the bank. He wanted a coach to help him succeed in this newly expanded role and to develop him in several key areas. These included his ability to communicate with greater impact and ability to influence others, especially when topics fell outside of his direct expertise.

After working with the executive for a brief time and collecting feedback from his colleagues, it became clear to Tom that the acting Treasurer was viewed as a subject matter expert. In order to realize success at this elevated level, he needed to demonstrate a stronger executive presence while becoming less of a ‘doer’ and more of a leader and strategist. He needed to relinquish control of the day-to-day tactical responsibilities, make strategic initiatives a priority and elevate his overall leadership profile.

While working with Tom, the acting Treasurer began delegating more responsibility to his team, enabling him to devote crucial time to strategizing and planning. He also showed marked improvement in his overall communication style – in both the content and delivery of his ideas and information. Implementing what he learned from Tom’s coaching, he was able to successfully influence the reversal of a credit-rating downgrade of the Bank and convince the board to shift the investment strategy regarding sources of liquidity, improving the risk-profile assessment with the federal regulators. Subsequent to these major wins, the executive was promoted to Treasurer and well positioned for further success in his new role.

“It was hard to let go of the ‘doer’ role. Tom kept me on track to make sure we achieved the improvements we were aiming for, which I needed to get to the next level. My work with Tom gave me the skills and confidence to present my case to the board, which was no minor feat. The fact that I could convince the board to invest in a new liquidity strategy is a testament to the coaching I received from Tom. I now had the confidence to speak about topics not directly in my area of expertise, and I could also make highly effective presentations to positively influence outcomes. When I refer others to Tom, I always tell them that coaching is like a mirror that provides an unfiltered view of yourself. It is not always pretty, but it allows you to see what needs to change to get to the next level.”

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